Melonbug's Silver Pacifier Clips - Personally designed, small-batch made

Our beautiful Silver Pacifier Clips are a Melonbug original. Our previous line of clips were popular, but they became unreliable in availability and in quality. So Julie, Melonbug's owner, created her own line.

With the design styles in mind, Julie collaborated with Tery, a skilled jewelry designer in Los Angeles, CA. Tery brought the unique patterns of each clip to life, initially creating detailed 3-D models of each one. The sizes of each clip were carefully measured to exceed US safety standards, while not being so large as to be overwhelming on an infant.

Julie then contacted Tanger, a small business metals manufacturer in China, to create the product. Tanger created steel molds for each design by programming the unique information of each 3-D model.

Using a zinc alloy base, Tanger pours the molten liquid into the molds to form the structure of each clip.


Finally, the clips are electroplated with .925 Silver and inspected for quality before being packaged and shipped to Julie in St. Louis, MO for sale on!

Julie cuts, heat-seals, snaps, and packages each ribbon individually.

Finally, your order is carefully packaged in a colorful jewelry box, before being taken to the post office to begin it's journey to your home!