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"Starry Dreamland" Birthday PlaySetting (blue) - Plate & Placemat Set

Delight your child with the "Starry Dreamland" Birthday PlaySetting. This magical set turns dinner time into an interactive birthday adventure, helping your little one to feel special and spark their imagination. Reach for the stars (and maybe a cupcake)! 

Features include:

12x18" laminated placemat is durable and wipes clean with a damp cloth

10" Polymer Plate: microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, melamine-free, BPA-free, unbreakable!

Endless delight as your child reads about their own starry dreamland adventure!

Ships in 4-5 business days

Story & Design by Melonbug owner, Julie Carton  - Illustrations by Riley Helal

Riley Helal is an illustrator and graphic designer in the US Pacific Northwest. She illustrates children’s books for self-publishing authors and does a variety of freelance design work. Art is her true passion, and she loves all things whimsical and magical.

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"Starry Dreamland" Birthday PlaySetting (blue) - Plate & Placemat Set
  • PlaySetting Pieces: Placemat only